SCEA has developed the most robust financing program in the industry. Our option vary from a quick return purchase to many zero down options.

Purchase Option

Southern California Energy Alternatives will provide an option to purchase and own a solar system. The typical payback for a SCEA built solar system is 5-7 years. The systems will last up to 35 years.

Zero Down Lease/PPA Option

SCEA has several lease and PPA options. The term locks in a rate for 25 years. The rate of escalation varies from 0% per year to 2.9% per year. The system is owned and maintained by the Lease/PPA company and is accompanied by a production guarantee.

Loan Program

SCEA has loan options for 3, 6, 12, 18 months, 5, 10, 15 and 20 year terms. The interest rates vary from 7.9 to 14% apr. The homeowner is the system owner.

Ygrene Energy Fund Financing

SCEA is the first company to be Ygrene Certified for the Coachella Valley Program. We have vested ourselves in the belief that this will be the #1 finance option for Businesses and Residences in the Coachella Valley by 2015. This program is similar to the Palm Desert EIP program, the Ygrene program is paid on your property tax bill. The interest rate varies by term length. There are equity provisions in this loan option.

Palm Desert EIP Program

SCEA offers the ability to purchase a system through the Palm Desert EIP Loan program. We work with the City of Palm Desert to provide a Palm Desert resident with a solar system. SCEA will carry the cost of the system, up to $30,000. This allows our customers to put $0 down and have a system installed. The cost of the loan goes onto the property tax bill, which is partially tax deductable. This is a highly accessible loan with a 7% interest rate.

Home Refinancing Solar Loan

SCEA works with our customers to provide an option to improve their home loan interest and include the cost of adding solar to their home. This is an effective way to save money not only on your electricity, but also in your mortgage.

We have a program that meets everyone’s needs.