Southern California Energy Alternatives is a US based company selling and installing US made products. We pride ourselves in our work. Our goal to provide the best system that meets our customers finance and esthetic needs.

Working with SCEA. . .

Consultation is an ongoing relationship with SCEA. From the minute you communication begin SCEA consider each and every interaction as an opportunity to enhance your solar experience. Comfort in the process and a true understanding of solar is the mantra that distinguishes SCEA from its competitors. We pride ourselves with supplying you with accurate and pertinent information on how a solar system will change you energy consumption and financial independence. By staying current on local, state and federal tax incentives you can rest assure that SCEA is conscious about our client savings. Our proprietary application uses consulting solutions coupled with financial analytics to model risk. The proposal SCEA place before you will equip you with a vast amount of tools to assist you with clear and transparent project assessment. You will walk away as an informed consumer.


Satellite imagery is a valued tool in assessing the physical legitimacy of sun exposure. SCEA seasoned engineers create electoral diagrams and specification to the structure of your house while concluding if your system should be a ground mount or roof system. SCEA will process all appropriate permits.


In an effort to mitigate the procurement of your project, SCEA pre-stage each step before we come to your home or business property. By exercising this due-diligence this ensures that we pre address each step needed to install you system with the utmost speed and efficiency offering the least disruption to your home or business.


Solar installation issues usually occur when dealing with journeymen electrician. You can rest assure that SCEA uses seasoned electricians that have years of to solar and construction experience. To ensure a seamlessly installation once we have a signed contract in place SCEA assigns you a project manager to oversee your installation process. Your project manager is your personal step-by-step liaison who is ready to assist you through the permission to operate your system that is issued by your utility company.

Monitoring and Services

Outside of the initial setup and turning the switch for your solar engine there are little attention needed to your system beyond basic cleaning. However, to continue to service your consciousness SCEA offers ongoing monitoring and service to ensure that your system performance is optimizing effectively.